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What We Do

DiverseNote is more than a recruiting channel or mere job board. It is a network that is engaged in mentoring, career development, and building relationships between companies and job candidates in the diversity community.

DiverseNote's method provides EEOC compliant targeted job matching that meets your recruitment goals.

Here at DiverseNote we believe that the workforce of the future will be more diverse than it ever has been. Let’s make that a reality. Register for a free trial starting in Fall 2015 here.

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DiverseNote is easy, and FREE for job candidates. Setting up your profile takes approximately 15 minutes, and will give you immediate access to DiverseNote's network of mentors and recruiters. It will also give you exclusive access to DiverseNote's training events and career opportunities.

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DiverseNote offers packages for recruiters and their companies to connect with qualified job candidates from the diversity community. Interested? Contact us today. Our simple and intuitive platform makes it easy to search for candidates, share job postings, and expand your network. See how.